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Online Courses

Follow weekly online tutorial content and build towards your music production goals. SubBass online music production courses are full online courses with weekly tasks and assignments to help you practice more effectively. 
  • Access course content 24/7
  • Assignments and practice guides
  • Dedicated course schedule
  • Logic Pro and Ableton Live online music production courses
  • Review course content with a live tutor session
  • Release your music on SubBass Recordings

Online Courses

Online Course Options

Ableton Live Module One

The perfect course for students who are new to Ableton Live, you will learn from the very basics how to create a track understanding the fundamental techniques used in music production.

£39.99 - 66 Lessons

Logic Pro Module One

Logic Module One is perfect for beginners new to music production and Logic Pro X. This course will guide you from the very basics to writing a full track. Each part will take you deeper into the program and develop your music production skills.

£39.99 - 39 Lessons

Logic Pro Module Two

Logic Pro Module Two is perfect for more advanced users of Logic who want to move forward and get deeper into the program.

£39.99 - 60 Lessons

DJ courses with Jess Bays

Get access to both Jess Bays DJ courses, start with the basics or dive into more advanced techniques, gain industry insight from Jess.

£19.99 - Bundle